Channeling the vital energy of plants to heal body, mind and soul

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Ancient societies understood, as those who live in harmony with the land today, still understand, that our beautiful living planet provides us with all the resources we need to keep us healthy and in balance. A large proportion of our modern medicines have their roots in plant compounds, verifying what shamans and healers have understood for centuries by channeling information directly from the plant with regard to its nature and uses.

Many believe that plants not only offer us their physical healing properties but that they posses a vital energy signature that offers healing on all levels of one’s being – physical, emotional and spiritual. This vibrational signature is harnessed in homeopathy, flower essences and by those aromatherapists who work with the subtle energies of essential oils.

AromaReiki – An Orenda Approach

At Orenda, through years of experience working with aromatherapy and reiki healing, we have enhanced our sensitivities to the energies of essential oils and their effect on our own energy field and on our wellbeing.

Beyond these palpable energy signatures of the oils, we also work with the ancient, archetypal energies and intelligence of a small number of ‘sacred oils’. These sacred oils connect us to the energy of the divine and have been in use since pre-biblical times, if not before.

In ancient Egypt, priestesses or Myrrhophores (women bearing Myrrh), were trained in the healing arts. These women were chosen for their sensitivity to energy, their keen sense of smell and their ability to recognise and channel the most potent and powerful aromatic oils.

Following this tradition at Orenda, we enter into deep meditation with the oils, accessing the rich sensory world of energy as we channel and receive information from the oils themselves to benefit us all.

Potential Benefits of AromaReiki

Working with essential oils on this level, we can help:

  • Ease the journey of life transitions such as divorce, redundancy, moving house
  • Heal old soul wounds that affect our everyday lives eg ‘irrational’ fears, feelings of not being good enough, of being abandoned or betrayed, experiencing grief
  • Create a sacred and protected space
  • Healers & bodyworkers clear themselves of other’s energy and stay grounded whilst giving treatments.
  • Enhance spiritual development
  • Ease the physical and emotional effects of old trauma
  • Balance the chakras and restore harmony to body, mind and spirit.

Louisa Williams – Aromatherapist & Reiki Healer

‘From a young age I was always interested in nature, getting down to earth level and feeling the awe of this other world of small creatures and beautifully formed and perfumed plants. My happiest childhood memories always revolve around aromas – wild honeysuckle and wet bracken on the cliffs of Cornwall, lavender and roses in my aunts’ traditional country garden, the nettles and trees of the acres of grounds in my cousins’ commune and the wet seaweed and salt air of the beach of my family’s origin in Cornwall.

I realised once I had started my aromatherapy training that I have a particular sensitivity to aroma and to the energy of plants. Over the years of using and working with essential oils and in more recent years, meditating with sacred oils, I have honed and encouraged this intuitive sensitivity.

Over the last few years I have started to receive guidance in my meditations from the oils themselves. This counsel has shown me that, during this time of great uncertainty and change throughout the world, the oils wish to offer their healing support for the benefit of us all. It is this guidance from the oils that has propelled me to offer their healing through both AromaReiki treatments.’

What to expect in an AromaReiki Treatment

AromaReiki treatments may be received in person or online and may last between 30 and 75 minutes.

At the beginning of the session, a consultation will allow you to explore the reason for your visit and what you wish to achieve. You will then be invited to lie, fully clothed on a warm, comfortable massage couch and be covered in a blanket.

As you relax in silence or to the sound of gentle music, Louisa will use a combination of tuning in to your energy field and the information you have given, to choose an individual oil or blend to work with during your treatment. Crystal and angelic energies may also present themselves at this time as wishing to enhance your healing. You will always be consulted as to which energies you are happy to receive.

Having blended your chosen oils, Louisa will intuit and sense how these oils and other energies wish to work with your being on all levels. Using a combination of working at a distance from your body and lightly placing hands over the blanket she will let your being and the energies of the oils guide your treatment.

Afterwards you will be offered a glass of water and time to discuss your experience as well as receive some advice on practices to engage in at home and an ongoing treatment plan should you wish.

You will be offered the additional creation of a bespoke product containing your chosen oils to continue your healing at home, along with a range of practices including short meditations and affirmations. These products may be in the form of a rollerball, lotion or oil based blends for self massage and will be sent to you in the few days following your treatment.


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