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About – Sacrosancts

At Orenda we believe life is sacrosanct, and that nature has designed everything, including us, in perfect form. To encourage us all to believe this of the world, and ourselves, we offer this range of exquisite essential oil blends.

We consider them to be gifts from nature and so do everything we can, to do nothing to interfere with, or take away from, these amazing pure products of our earth.

Care in Creation

We passionately believe that the care and intention with which things are created, has a profound effect on the beauty, efficacy, and quality of the end product.

Each of the Sacrosancts blends has been created through an initial process of meditation which allows us to perceive the vibrational and energetic essence of the oil and open up to a more complex set of influences than simply the knowledge of our minds.

We then call upon our 20 years of experience and training, and hone each blend into the complex and beautiful aroma that we now offer to you. Each small, handcrafted batch of blends is further infused with reiki and crystal energies so that you may truly benefit from the oils’ age-old capacity for deep healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Our Sincere Intention

In creating this range of oils our sincere intention is to help you connect inwardly and recognise the true beauty and serenity present within your own self, as well as to support and lift up your daily life.

The Sacrosancts Blends

We invite you to journey with us into this beautiful and rich world of vital plant energy, choosing your own level of experience with each of our blends.

Use as a natural perfume

You may simply wish to enjoy the beautiful aromas, bringing many moments of presence, joy and light into your day. Perhaps layering the different blends to suit your mood or preference and so creating a bespoke personal fragrance.

Journey Deeper

Or you may wish to journey deeper, to engage with the oils’ ancient healing capacities and release all that stands between you and your divine and uniquely perfect nature.  Explore with us by following the practices below.

Power of Intention

Use the power of intention to enhance your blend, repeating in your mind a short affirmation, such as ‘I quieten my mind’ ‘All is well’ as you inhale the aroma. Each blend has a set of suggested intentions or you may wish to create your own.


  1. Roll on inside of your wrists and rub together
  2. Set an intention eg: ’I hold myself dear’ ‘I feel rooted, stable and protected at all times’
  3. Inhale the beautiful aroma, taking three deep breaths as you repeat your intention.
  4. Give gratitude for the oil’s help in empowering this intention
  5. Repeat when you wish with any of the Orenda blends.

Quiet Connection

Simply create a quiet moment of connection to your inner self, allow access to your natural calm and brighten your outlook.


  1. Roll a small amount on the palm of one hand, rub the hands together to let the oil absorb into your skin
  2. Inhale the beautiful aroma
  3. Place your hands on your heart (do not get the oil on clothing) and quieten in to your being
  4. Release all judgement and take a small moment of connection to tune into your inner self.

Aura Cleansing

Clear and balance your energy field with the following sequence.


  1. Roll a small amount on the palm of one hand, rub the hands together to let the oil absorb into your skin
  2. Take a moment to notice how you feel
  3. Inhale the beautiful aroma of your chosen blend and set an intention to clear and balance your energy field
  4. Holding your hands at a distance of about 6 inches from your body, ‘wash’ through your aura as if you were washing your whole body in the shower. Don’t forget to wash through the back of your aura and over the top of your head and the soles of your feet.
  5. Take a moment to notice how you feel now and give thanks to the oils for their support. (Avoid touching your clothing until the oil is fully absorbed into your hands).

Energetic Space Cleansing

Clear and balance your surroundings with the following sequence.


  1. Roll a small amount on the palm of one hand, rub the hands together to let the oil absorb into your skin
  2. Take a moment to notice the feel of your surroundings and make an intention of how you would like the space to feel
  3. Inhale the beautiful aroma of your chosen blend
  4. With palms outstretched, walk around your space and, imagining you could beam the energy of the oils like a light from your palms, keep your intention in mind and wash through the space with your hands.

For further practices to enhance your wellbeing and elevate your vibration with our Sacrosancts blends click here for video resources including meditations and short yoga sequences.

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Orenda Health And Wellbeing - Sacrosancts - Range

Yogi – Quieten your Mind

(Affirmation ‘I quieten my mind’, ‘I become still’)

Elemi, Sandalwood, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Cedarwood & Mandarin

A wonderfully calming, grounding and expansive oil to bring us into a ready state of mind and body to practice yoga and meditation. Use at any time to quieten your mind, bring peace to your being and connect to the flow of earthly and universal energies that run through us.

A quiet but alert mind is helpful when being creative, this blend can also bring inspiration to artists and writers and any creative pursuit. Useful when a busy brain keeps you from sleep.

These oils work in harmony to balance all the chakras, (learn more chakras) to root us firmly to the earth at the same time as helping us access the crown chakra and strengthen our connection to the divine. Although our mind is quietened, we are also able to apply ourselves to our daily life and stay alert. As well as being useful to quickly get into a yogi frame of mind and body, this blend is great to use for group activities to bring everyone’s energy to the same harmonious level. It can also help healers and bodyworkers to ground themselves at the same time as opening up to divine guidance.

Orenda Health And Wellbeing - Sacrosancts - Arise

Arise – Vitalise your Day

(Affirmation: ’I awake refreshed, feeling the infinite flow of life through me’ ‘I am grateful for this new and beautiful day’)

Rosemary, Sweet Basil, May Chang, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lime

A fresh, herbal and zesty blend to use in the morning to prepare for the day, wake up the senses and to open up to the joy in life. Use to aid concentration and to refresh a tired mind and body at any time of day.

Useful for balancing, cleansing and uplifting our energy when we awake. As well as bringing the higher and lower chakras into harmony with each other, this blend can be used to protect ourselves energetically before we encounter outside influences and energies in our day. The blend also works on the brow chakra to bring mental clarity as well as calming the mind helping to release obsessive and dark thoughts.

Orenda Health And Wellbeing - Sacrosancts - Uplift

Uplift – Raise your Spirits

(Affirmation: ’I trust all will be well’ ‘I flow through transitions with grace and ease’)

Neroli, Bitter Orange, Sweet Orange, Fragonia, Plai, Elemi, Petitgrain, Black Pepper

A beautiful, sunny and high vibrational blend to help us navigate life’s transitions and challenges with grace, optimism and ease. By connecting us to our higher selves, this heavenly mix of oils aids us in accessing our inner wisdom, broadening our perspective and bringing balance in times of great personal or world change.

When life events call for urgent expansion of our being, this blend comes into the fore, raising our vibration to higher levels so that we may align with our new circumstances. At this particular time on earth with the high energy frequencies being received, this blend assists in the assimilation and grounding, through our being, of these new frequencies. It is a great blend for healers and body workers and those who channel energies.

In creating this blend, the Angelic entities, Arch Angel Haniel and Arch Angel Chamuel brought their energies into the blend. Arch Angel Haniel helps elevate one’s personal energetic vibration to release ego based negative energies. Arch Angel Chamuel helps to protect the planet from negative energy and assists us in times of transition in major areas of our lives, helping us to build strong foundations for careers, relationships and the engaging of our life’s purpose. Call upon these Angels to further enhance the support this blend offers in difficult times.

Orenda Health And Wellbeing - Sacrosancts - Embrace

Embrace – Cherish your Self

(Affirmation: ’I hold myself dear’ ‘I value & cherish myself in all that I do’)

Jasmine, Bergamot, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Yarrow, Sandalwood

A luxuriously earthy and sensuously floral blend to help us reconnect to our bodies and to our inherent beauty. Encouraging us to release and heal long held grief, to value and hold ourselves sacred, believing that we are worthy of receiving love. We can use this blend to help us release negative self judgments, to reclaim our bodies and learn to love and cherish ourselves just as we would a beloved partner.

The oils in this blend work particularly on the sacral, heart and throat chakras as well as clearing the body of negative energies. It helps us to: connect to our feminine energy (for men too); sense and set our boundaries; learn how to receive fully from others and helps limit our absorption of other people’s energies.

In creating Embrace, the Goddess Dana brought her energy into the blend to encourage you to value and cherish yourself and to treat yourself with the utmost respect and love. Call upon her to help you connect to your own inner goddess or god.


Orenda Health And Wellbeing - Sacrosancts - Fortify

Fortify – Summon your Courage

(Affirmation: ’I cleanse my personal and physical space of all fear & negative energy’ ‘I feel rooted, stable and protected at all times’)

Ravensara, Myrtle, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cardamon, Angelica, Patchouli

A deeply grounding, earthy and camphorous blend that connects us to the well of strength in our being at the same time as protecting us from external negative energies. Use to help dispel fear, both your own and that of others, and to invoke divine protection for yourself and your surroundings. You may wish to roll a small amount on your throat or chest for additional support during the winter months and throughout the year.

Ask the energies in this blend to help you release unnecessary and unrealistic fears that hold you back from fulfilling your potential. These beautiful oils can help to release old soul wounds that often show up in the form of fear as well as balancing all the chakras and offering protection from absorbing other’s energies. In times of distress when your being feels scattered, this blend will help to bring you firmly back into your body and to feel rooted and supported by Mother Earth.

Use this blend’s energies for creating sacred and protected spaces and to bless your threshold, asking for divine protection from all negative energies. Useful for healers and bodyworkers to bless their work space, to clear the space and their own aura between clients.

In creating Fortify, Arch Angel Michael brought his energy to the blend for your protection and to help you release all that no longer serves your highest good. Ask for his support whenever the need arises.



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