Don’t take yourself too seriously😀 – Jem and I laughing at me in yesterday’s recording! 😂Of course many things in life deserve to be taken seriously but it’s still good to remember to laugh at ourselves.

😂When I catch myself worrying about things that do not really matter in the scheme of things, I remind myself to lighten up! 🤩

😂Laughing raises our vibration and signals to our body to produce ‘happy’ hormones.

😂When I laugh at myself and decide not to take myself too seriously, I am better able to serve others and not worry about failing, looking bad, being laughed at or judged – what really matters?

😂When we can laugh at ourselves, we naturally broaden our perspective because we become less focused on ‘us’ and can see ourselves and others with a deeper sense of acceptance.

🎄🤣🤣How can you take yourself less seriously today – what does really matter to you? 🤩🤩🎄#wellbeing #wellbeingwarrior #stressfree #selflove #selfacceptance