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Feather Necklace With ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Turquoise Gemstone


Each bespoke, silver Orenda feather (approx 3.5cms) will come on an 18 inch (45cms) fine silver chain. The accompanying sustainably and ethically sourced small gemstone, is topped with a 14 carat gold bead and comes on a delicate, twisted silver link for easy removal (gem sizes vary between 4-7mm).  Maria has carefully chosen each gem for its healing properties and to correspond to the wellbeing effects of the Sacrosancts Range of Essential Oil Blends

Please note: As all stones are natural products, there may be small variations in size and shape from those pictured. Gemstone stock is also limited and may be subject to change over time.


About the gemstone:

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Turquoise

This rare and highly collectable natural turquoise comes from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona which is now closed.  Turquoise: reminds us of our connection to Father Sky and Mother Earth, aids all communication and reminds us that we are never alone, providing us with energetic protection.

Pair Turquoise with: Uplift, Yogi, Embrace or Fortify


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